Mekong Sailing Hat

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We worked with our friends at W’menswear to create the Floodplains Collection, a series of shibori-dyed garments that take our classic Quaker Marine designs and dive a little deeper. W’menswear, a Bangkok-based brand founded by designer Lauren Yates, has been creating clothes that are steeped in the culture and tradition of Thailand since 2015, using local dyers, weavers, and fabric mills. 

Prior to dying, each piece of fabric was hand sewn in specific shapes to create that distinct shibori pattern. The fabric was then repeatedly dipped into indigo dye vats to give the fabric a rich color and texture. Our favorite part? Thai indigo dye has a bit of a sweet tooth, thriving on a diet of bananas, tamarind and palm sugar, making it smell like a delicious tea. So when we say these garments are steeped in traditional dyeing techniques, we mean that literally. Take a close whiff of each piece of clothing and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Enjoy this bucket in all its floppy glory. It is said that the QMS original was Hunter S. Thompson's hat of choice. This is an East Coast classic, also formerly referred to as the Standard Tennis Hat. 

  • 3" brim 
  • Cotton twill
  • 6 panel construction
  • Ventilated grommets
A word of caution on sizing if you're not familiar with hat sizes: Most men actually wear a size large hat instead of a medium. Just because you are a medium in pants, shirts, etc. doesn’t mean your hat size is a medium too! Please click the fit guide (above near the 'add to cart' button) for help finding your correct size. 
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    Details and Care

    100% Cotton Indigo-dyed


    Machine wash warm on a gentle cycle with like colors. Line dry or tumble dry low


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    Our Collaboration With W'menswear

    One of the things that drew us towards working with a Thai designer and dyers is how integral indigo dying is to the local history and culture. Indigo-dyed clothing, particularly workwear, has been a part of the traditional attire of Thailand for generations.

    We are incredibly excited to tap into that legacy and create a collection of shibori-dyed garments that are both inspired and crafted by local indigo-dying traditions.

    This way, when you pull on a polo or pop on a cap from this collection, it’s almost as good as traveling to Northeastern Thailand yourself.