This past summer, Thomas from QMS HQ took a vacation in Jasper National Park in Canada, he had a few reflections from the trip:  

Every few years my family and I do a big national park trip. Days full of hikes, swimming and whatever other local activities we can find. If you do that for long enough while staying in North America, you are going to end up in Alberta eventually. With Banff and Jasper national parks bordering each other and very digestible by car, it's a trip that has gotten progressively popular in recent years. We hit it in the skiing offseason for some refreshing cool weather hikes and animal spotting to close out a balmy August back in NYC. 



The undeniable highlight was taking a cargo canoe out on Lake Maligne in Jasper with Rob from Currie’s Guiding. We did a morning fly fishing tour on the abundantly meditative, sky blue lake. If you are out early enough, you will catch a few hours before the ferries hit the water. Stillness that you can’t find a stone's throw from the city anymore. 


By the end of the day I was thoroughly invigorated and had fallen head over heels with our little corner of the park. We caught about 8-9 trout each in 5 hours with the highlight being a big rainbow trout that gave me a nice tussle. Novice does not even begin to describe my fly fishing skills so having such a great guide in Rob was a key to the trip. I had to make sure he was outfitted with a fresh Swordfish cap on the way out to commemorate the fantastic morning in Alberta. I think Rob is definitely cut out for the long bill lifestyle.