Quaker Marine Supply (QMS) is a brand steeped in the grit and pleasures of life on the water.

Founded in Philadelphia in 1949 by a Coast Guard veteran named Joe Kadison, QMS has a long history of serving the sea-loving crowd. The company began as an outfitter specializing in marine hardware and clothing. Starting in the sixties, QMS became known for its long-brimmed caps, notably the Swordfish and the Oysterman, with its patent-leather bill. The latter was a favorite of Ernest Hemingway, who wore it duck hunting in Idaho and sport fishing in Cuba and Key West.

Designed to withstand the elements, these iconic canvas caps prioritized functionality but created an unmistakable look in the process. The new QMS—based in Brooklyn, New York—takes a similar tack, with clothing that will both turn heads at a pool party and stand up to years of saltwater adventuring.

We offer a distinctive, irreverent take on classic East Coast summer style. For those who should be so lucky, QMS suits the aquatic life year-round. We salute the authenticity and tangibility of that life and the quality of experience that it represents, whether those moments close to the water are solitary or shared with friends and family.

We try not to take ourselves too seriously. But, QMS products and the QMS legacy are another story.