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1949 1961 1968 1975 1983 2003 2012 2018 2 0 1 1 1980 S
  • 1949

    Founded by Coast Guard veteran Joseph Kadison on the docks of Philadelphia, QMS begins selling marine clothing, hardware and equipment to local seamen.

  • 1961

    A Life magazine cover Life magazine cover on Ernest Hemingway features two photos of "the greatest American writer of this century" in his Oysterman capOysterman cap, creating a surge of demand.

  • 1968

    QMS headquarters moves to Bryn Mawr, PA.Bryn Mawr QMS Label

  • 1975

    The company shifts its focus exclusively to headwear. It’s the perfect creative outlet for Kadison, a longtime lover and aficionado of hats who relishes working on their details.

  • 1980

    L.L. Bean starts carrying QMS hats, expanding the brand's reach.

  • 1983

    The company moves to Conshohocken, PA.Conshohocken QMS Label

  • 2003

    Ned KitchelNed Kitchel, a former L.L. Bean merchandiser with a love of the outdoors, acquires QMS and moves its headquarters to Portland, Maine.Portland, Maine QMS Label

  • 2011

    In the midst of the Great Recession and crippled by a factory fire, QMS shuts down.

  • 2012

    Veteran retailer Kevin McLaughlin,Kevin McLaughlin, a longtime admirer of the brand, acquires QMS with the idea of reimagining it as a lifestyle label.

  • 2018

    Splash! Now based in Brooklyn, New York, the revamped QMS launches its first collection, a range of hats and gear inspired by the brand’s heritage and classic East Coast summer style.