The Ship's Chandlery

The Ship's Chandlery was once a staple for any mariner. A one stop shop for tools, sail cloth, cleaning supplies, apparel, leather goods, lanterns, and of course candles (hence the name), a chandlery once held any supplies a sailor may want or need. Stocked to the gills, a good chandlery was a place where a mariner with some time on his hands could get lost in the aisles of endless goods. 

While the traditional Ship's Chandlery has been all but replaced by modern conveniences, we decided to make one of our own. The QMS Ship's Chandlery is a place where we dive into our own back stock and archives, polish off our dustiest gems, and finally make them available to the public. 

So peruse the Chandlery and find vintage Quaker Marine (dating back all the way to our start in the 40s), maritime antiques, and all sorts of nautical odds and ends, hand curated by the Quaker Marine crew. New items will be stocked every month, but act fast because each is one of a kind and bound to disappear quickly. Happy shopping! 

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