Quaker Marine Supply has a storied legacy that spans three owners, three states, and decades of tradition. But it all began on the docks of Philadelphia...


Founded by Coast Guard veteran Joseph Kadison on the docks of Philadelphia, QMS begins selling marine clothing, hardware and equipment to local seamen.


A Life magazine cover on Ernest Hemingway features two photos of "the greatest American writer of this century" in his Oysterman cap, creating a surge of demand.


QMS headquarters moves to Bryn Mawr, PA.


The company shifts its focus exclusively to headwear. It’s the perfect creative outlet for Kadison, a longtime lover and aficionado of hats who relishes working on their details.


L.L. Bean starts carrying QMS hats, expanding the brand's reach.


The company moves to Conshohocken, PA.


Ned Kitchel, a former L.L. Bean merchandiser with a love of the outdoors, acquires QMS and moves its headquarters to Portland, Maine.


In the midst of the Great Recession and crippled by a factory fire, QMS shuts down.


Veteran retailer Kevin McLaughlin, a longtime admirer of the brand, acquires QMS with the idea of reimagining it as a lifestyle label.


Splash! Now based in Brooklyn, New York, the revamped QMS launches its first collection, a range of hats and gear inspired by the brand’s heritage and classic East Coast summer style.