We caught up with Austin Eddy, a Brooklyn-based fine artist who just happens to be our nieghbor at QMS HQ in Greenpoint. You can view more of his great work here.

Photos by Sam Schmieg


How long have you been in your Greenpoint studio? What was the neighborhood like at the time, and how has it changed?

I have been in this studio building complex for just over 7 years, but before that right when I moved to New York in 2011 had a small shared studio up on Box Street for a little while. My studio bounced around a bit at the beginning I was sort of squatting in person I knew at the times weird space in TriBeCa. That was short lived, from there I moved things to Greenpoint on Box St. After a couple of years there I moved to the Navy Yard before it was developed into what it is now. After that space I came back to Greenpoint when a friend was organizing this studio situation I am currently renting in now. 

The neighborhood has seen a lot of changes over the past decade I guess. When I first moved in you could see Manhattan from the Pulaski Bridge. There are also a lot more Vape shops, I think there might have been one if any back in the day. In general greenpoint has gotten a face lift, so many new restaurants and bars, old buildings being torn down for glass apartment complexes. When you are living through the change, it doesn’t really feel like change in a way. 



Could you talk a little bit about your background growing up in New England? You're from Cambridge, so did you grow up going to the Cape, Maine, the Vineyard, anywhere like that? 

I am from New England, and I have always loved living by the water. Growing up in Boston was great, you could walk to the ocean and the seafood was fantastic. When I go back I always love taking the Ferry between down town and Salem, It is a nice little trip.

After Boston I spent a good amount of time in Chicago as well. They have the lake which feels like a large body of open water, but its not quite the same thing as the Ocean. But to answer your question I did spend a lot of time going to Maine when I was growing up. It is a really magical place. The Beaches are particular, and the wild life is spectacular. I still like to visit, though less frequently than I would like. Living in Greenpoint can kind of give you that salt air fix. 



We'd also love to hear a bit about what you're currently working on.

Right now there are a few projects I am working on. Most of the work in the studio right now is for Marfa Invitational with Baldwin Gallery, that presentation will be opening in May. I am also in the beginning stages of working on an upcoming show that will be opening this summer in Greece with Eva Presenhuber. It is a very exciting time in the studio for me, lots of work ahead. 



How long have you been wearing QMS, and how did you first encounter the brand? 

I think I have been wearing Quaker Marine for a few years now. I am pretty sure I first came across the brand in the early stages of the pandemic probably on Instagram. I remember I ordered the Striped Utility shorts along with the standard sailing hat for summer that year. I was thrilled. Always on the look out for cool nautical clothes to rock at the beach. 


What are a few of your favorite QMS items?

I am a big fan of the whole line. There is a cool classic quality to the designs and colors you are doing. I think a few of my personal favorites are the Oysterman hat, and the MacArthur Shirt, and I really like the new ties, but have yet to wear one. But the new textiles you are using are very cool, a nice blend of old and new.