We spent an afternoon in Greenpoint tracking down records and catching up with our friend David Andrew, a longtime vinyl collector, DJ, and lover of the longbill. You can check out his project Ode to Vinyl here.

Photos by Alex Casertano. Special thanks to Academy Record Annex


How long have you been collecting vinyl in NYC/Brooklyn?

I've been collecting records for about ten years to date. The first record I attained happened to be in college about 13 years ago. If I remember correctly, it was the Raekwon single entitled Incarcerated Scarfaces. It wasn't in the best shape, but I kept it as nostalgia. The record wasn't in the best form, so I purchased the same record years later. 

Were you looking for anything in particular today? What did you grab at Academy Record Annex?

I've been on a heavy Jazz kick lately after my set at Eaves Drop earlier this month. I've been looking for an experimental sound that segues into my house sets if need be or my alternative selections (e.g., Madlib, Beat Konducta series, or  THE ALC Tapes, etc.). The way Academy is set up in the LES, they usually put the jazz in the front, so I knew they would follow the same format upon entering the shop in Greenpoint. I can't lie and say I put much effort into what to grab, but Sun Ra is a favorite artist of mine, and I've always wanted the Roy Ayers and Fela "Music of Many Colors" album on wax, so it was almost destined that I pick those two up. Oh, and the Sun Ra record was the one where the Cairo Jazz Band in Egypt accompanied him. 



Could you tell us a little about Ode to Vinyl?

Ode to Vinyl is a concept that started in 2016 to bring back the tangibility of music. 2016 was a weird time for DJs. There were a lot of DJs coming out of the woodwork. It was as though everyone was a DJ, but no one knew how to DJ. It was the beginning of the playlist DJ. No diss to individuals who utilize the controller to mix their sounds because, honestly, if you have an ear for music, it doesn't matter what you use. But we wanted to give that Hi - Fidelity sound and experience that only vinyl could bring.

Ode to Vinyl started and continues to provide a space for music lovers to enjoy sounds that you can't typically Shazam. Ode to Vinyl is also a place where we highlight vinyl collectors in their homes or works spaces. We seek out those collectors and capture them in an editorial format in front of their equipment and record collections. We talk about their childhood, adulthood, favorite records, equipment, and favorite places they still continuously dig at. Ode to Vinyl is analog information in a digital age. Ode To Vinyl events is typically housed at sites that promote Hi - Fidelity sound. We also highlight record stores and add life to those places, so the person who collects but may be out of state can have a place of reference when entering that city. 



How long have you been wearing Quaker Marine, and how did you first encounter the brand?

I've known of Quaker Marine much longer than my first purchase. My first encounter was through a great friend, Brian Davis, whom I've known for years. He has a brand called Wooden Sleepers. He also put together an excellent write-up on Quaker Marine's history and how he searched far and wide for the brand, only to see it pop back up on his radar within the past few years. I would see him wear the "Oyster" cap and think, I'll make my way over to Red Hook and buy that cap. Well, as many may know or maybe not, I dragged my foot to head over to Red Hook, and the shop closed. But Todd Snyder would later remedy that for me because I purchased my first Quaker Marine item this summer while working at Todd Snyder.

I usually wear long-billed hats from various companies, so when Todd Snyder started carrying the Quaker Marine "Swordfish" cap earlier this year, a few of the guys already had in mind that I should purchase the cap, coining it the "Dave Cap." Already having so many long bill caps, I disregarded it at first, but one day, I tried on the Swordfish Cap, and right away, I felt the crown. The cap was comfortable, unique, and fit better than my other long bills. I added a thunderbird pin on it and made it my summer signature. I would instantly buy the yellow waxed cap, and now the rest is history. I'm a fan.  



What are a few of your favorite QMS pieces?

I love the Oyster cap and the Swordfish cap in any textile. I love the French Workman's Jacket, The Game Keeper Jacket, and the Whalsay Fleece Jacket in Navy, which I hope to get soon. I also love the Fisherman's Sweater and the Mariner Knit .