Memorial Day is here – the unofficial start of summertime shenanigans. To kick off the season, the QMS team has assembled a list of our go-to summer recommendations: albums, TV shows, cocktails, poolside garb, and more.

Ethan's Recs

Fishing With John

I'm not much of an angler, but this series always makes me reconsider the merits of plunking a line in the water.  Each episode follows actor/musician/artist John Lurie as he embarks on a fishing trip with unconventional celebrities like Tom Waits and Dennis Hopper.

The show isn't so much about fishing – more about finding an excuse to waste some time on purpose. Something I need to do more of this summer.

Swordfish in Nautical Red

I've kept this on the coat hook by my front door for the past several summers, and tend to travel with it, too. It's got that nice worn-in patina that any favored hat tends to get, but still looks sharp.

Every time I pop it on, I'm reminded of the summertime escapes that led to its current state: our trip to Cuba, several lake sails on my Sunfish, the occasional beach read and ensuing beach nap. It's a trusty companion through it all.

Thomas's Recs

A Tábua de Esmeralda by Jorge Ben

The album that got me listening to Brazilian popular music is the one I still come back to the most often. This is a top down, shorts on, let the breeze in music – undefeated when stirring a caipirinha. 

Ventura Shorts in Navy Corduroy

Finally my favorite shorts in my favorite color. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wear something navy so these are going to be my cheat code to tie it all together this summer.

Mitch's Recs

Spaghett Cocktail

Just three simple ingredients that quench my craving for a refreshing drink as soon as the days start hitting 80 degrees in New York. Miller High Life, Aperol, and lemon juice; that's it. Pop the beer, drink about a quarter, fill it back up with a dash of Aperol and a squeeze of lemon, sit back and enjoy.

Standard Sailing Hat in White

A true classic that makes any outfit feel relaxed and summer ready. I throw this on and immediately feel like I'm ready for the beach or a day on the courts.

Lucas's Recs

Pacific by Haruomi Hosono

When it comes to poolside background tunes, Haruomi Hosono’s 1978 album “Pacific” is my go-to. Though I can’t pronounce any of the song titles, Hosono’s masterful instrumentals combine a familiar blend of lounge, funk, disco, rhumba, smooth jazz, Latin fusion and synth pop to create a truly unique sense of tropical nostalgia. 

Laguna Board Short in Mid-Blue

As a Californian, I can appreciate the west-coast flair of the QMS Laguna Board Shorts. At just the right length, I can wear these all day and look good in the water and out.