Trawler Hat in Acorn Ranger Twill

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We all have that one beat up hat that we bought at our local marina, or maybe at a gas station on a road trip, that just does what no other hat can. It fits just right, it has a design that makes us smile, and most of all it's held up over years of hard wear. We designed our own line of those hats, using that classic rope hat style that you might buy on the side of the road (or at the end of the dock). We upgraded it, using same care we use for all of our classic styles, to give you the best possible version of this hat. In a durable, cotton fabric with a practical plastic clasp and sturdy interior meshing to keep that distinctive trucker shape. 

This series has three styles, each with a custom design inspired by our own neck of the woods: Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where QMS has been based ever since our revival. 

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