Greenpoint, Brooklyn is notable for any number of reasons  the waterfront, great greenspaces, and bustling Eastern European communities to name a few but for the staff of QMS who spend five days a week on Greenpoint Avenue, this neighborhood is best known for the excellent lunch spots. 

In honor of our new Trawler Hats, which we designed in reference to our home here in Greenpoint, we decided to document a few midday outings to our favorite local haunts. 

Photos by Sam Schmieg and Nate Krieger.

Spot #1 - Three Decker Diner

The spot in Greenpoint that you've walked past a hundred times and yet never gone inside. Hidden in plain sight on Manhattan Ave. and recently redone, Three Decker Diner is perfect whenever you get that itch for a turkey club and coffee in a thick white mug. The expert maneuver is to go with two friends, so you can each get one of the steak fries, sweet potato fries, and onion rings for a DIY deep fried smorgasbord. 

QMS Picks: Veggie Burger, Meatloaf Sandwich, Turkey Club, Patty Melt. 

Spot #2 - Paulie Gee's Slice Shop

Paulie Gee's slices are renowned all over Brooklyn, which is why we recommend hitting the slice shop instead of the sit down restaurant especially if you're just popping out for a quick bite during work hours. The retro pizza parlor décor of the back room is an added bonus, along with whatever baseball game or episode of Seinfeld they've got going on the TV. They also serve beer behind the bar, but as exclusively lunchtime patrons, we obviously wouldn't know anything about that...

QMS Picks: Jake Special, Hellboy Squared, and the Vegan Vidalia

Spot #3 - Edy's Grocer

Just a couple blocks from QMS HQ, Edy's Grocer is any easy decision on any sunny day. Our pro tip? Make sure to get there before 2pm, because the lunch special is not something to miss (your wallet will thank you).  And for the best possible experience, get this feast to go, walk down to Transmitter Park, and dig in with a beautiful waterfront view. 
QMS Picks: Chicken Lavash Wrap with Kale Tabbouleh