Fisherman's Sweater in Navy


Time honored and sea-tested. We built the perfect fisherman's sweater, inspired by the traditional rollneck that has been a maritime classic for generations. When the salt water is spraying over the bow and the trade winds are gusting, you'll be glad you reached for the Fisherman's Sweater. Made in breathable cotton so you can still enjoy the afternoon sun. 

A note on sizing: this is a unisex item, but we have sized it along traditional men's sizes. For women, we recommend taking a look at our fit guide.

Fit Guide
Details and Care

100% Cotton

3 1/4" ribbed cuff

Side slit

Just the right amount of structure and weight


Hand wash, or machine wash cold. Simply lay flat on top of a dry towel until it air dries.


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Time Honored and Sea-tested

The Fisherman's Sweater comes to us via a long lineage of sailors, explorers, and innovators.

Originally hand knit for fishermen in the Irish Islands, it was adopted at the turn of the century by Ernest Shackleton and his crew, who took the knit rollneck all the way to the Antarctic. Later embraced by the British Navy, the sweater was refined and mass produced to outfit thousands during the First World War. It then found a new home with submariners, who embraced any woolen comfort they could get on their long voyages beneath the waves.

In the decades since, the sweater has become an iconic garment for the maritime and sea-loving world. We've updated it with soft, breathable cotton, but kept every other detail the same – the classic roll neck, a ribbed cuff, and functional side slits.